Easy Steps To Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Attractive

The paper resume is slowly becoming a foreign concept. Now, most employers request digital resumes, and most of the time, a URL to your LinkedIn profile. Whether you're a professional, fresh graduate, or someone in between, it's becoming increasingly more important that you possess a LinkedIn page. Whether you're new to the site, or consider yourself to be a LinkedIn all-star, read on for a list of easy steps to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive.

1. Professional Photos
As with any other social media page, your profile picture often creates the first impression for visitors to your site. With LinkedIn, it's integral that your photo be professional. Whether your photo is taken by a photographer, or simply by one of your colleagues on an iPhone camera, try to capture a head-on angle from the shoulders up, find good lighting, and wear business-casual attire.

2. Endorse Away
In addition to housing your online resume, LinkedIn also gives you the chance to highlight some of your professional and personal skills. Your connections can then "endorse" these skills, which ultimately builds your credibility in the field. If you can vouch for skills your connections post, by endorsing them you're showing your professional support, and will likely receive as many endorsements in return.

3. Build Your Network
In a globalized world where job competition comes from an international base, the concept of building a professional network is more important than ever. LinkedIn is an extremely useful tool in building your network, as you can connect with old classmates, current colleagues, and people of interest in your field. Building your network is a promising way to receive more endorsements, support from your peers, and promising opportunities for your professional future.

4. Publish Something
You don't have to be an English graduate or editor to publish something on LinkedIn. Your profile gives you the opportunity to write an article about any subject, which can generate interest towards your profile, as well as towards you as a professional. Most people choose to write on an issue pertaining to their field, but if you're passionate about a different subject, writing on it can convey your relevance to your connections. If you don't consider yourself a strong writer, simply have a trusted peer edit it before publishing.

5. Share Articles
Another great component of LinkedIn is the many articles you have access to via your Home Page and search bar. With the opportunity to follow large corporations, you can read interesting articles written by them, as well as articles your connections may have shared, on a variety of different topics. Reading articles pertaining to the global business world is a great way of staying informed, and sharing any articles that interest you is a great way of representing that you care about current trends and events.

If you don't yet see the allure of LinkedIn, I urge you to create a profile. LinkedIn is an excellent way of being apart of the professional community, and bolstering your status and relevance in your field. Whether you're a LinkedIn rookie or have had a profile for some time, by following this list of tips you'll be able to step up your LinkedIn game even further.