Keeping Your Facebook Page Fans Happy

As a business owner or manager, you know your clients are everything. Customers want information about your business hours, location, and services to be easily accessible. This is where a corporate Facebook page comes in handy. Business Facebook accounts are effective platforms of contact, advertising, and sales. If you have, or are thinking of starting a Facebook page for your business, read ahead for tips on how to keep your fans happy.

If someone were to Google your business name, one of the first links to appear would be your company Facebook page. And so, you obviously want your basic information to be clear and accessible. Facebook pages are useful tools of contact, because they allow you to post your phone number, address, store hours, location (including map), and a link to your official business website. Customers appreciate having all of this essential information in one place, so ensure you keep this material updated if you make any changes. In addition to displaying your business's contact information, Facebook pages are hugely beneficial for displaying new content. If your company is in the retail industry, you can post photos of new products as they come in. If your business is a restaurant, you can post photos of great dishes, and diners enjoying your food. If you're a real estate agent, you can post photos and video tours of your current listings, as well as sold ones to increase interest in potential clients. In this respect, Facebook pages become great marketing tools for advertising your current and incoming products.

In addition to posting these basics to your Facebook page, there are a few other things you must do to ensure your fans are happy. Firstly, remember consistently is key. You need to be constantly posting new and fresh content in order to keep your customers interested. This includes new photos, but also statuses announcing any sales, promotions, and other associated events. Nowadays, the average person's attention span is lower than ever when considering the constant technology-based distractions coming at us. In order to keep your clients coming back, they need to be consistently reminded that your business exists. Another crucial component of keeping your Facebook page fans happy is to answer them. Many times, people will leave comments on a status or photo, asking a particular question. If their questions go unanswered, people won't think you value them as customers. The same goes for inbox messages. Try to answer any messages or comments promptly, to ensure your clients know their importance.

Business Facebook pages are extremely useful marketing tools. However, they must be used attentively if you want them to be successful. With business social media platforms, consistency is key. Clients want to be shown new and fresh content, and to stay informed on any changes your business is experiencing. Ensure your contact information is thorough, and most importantly, accurate. Since your Facebook page will be one of the first links to pop up when someone searches your business, you want it to be an appropriate reflection of your company. Happy posting!